quarta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2009

Lights On!


There is a master plan!
A war, A heart, a mind, a path.
Surrounded by all sorts od feelings...
Struggling to break the chains...
I´m Aware, I can see... Even through darkness, I can see.

Mystic scaring bright eyes stares at me...
Useless! No fear!
Great white wings flying above my aspirations! Protection! Desire! fire!
Shadows collinding; taking over the scene around.
Resistance. A daily fight.
Head Down, a moment of Doubt. Then Comes the yellow wave. A drop of light that spreads its power through my body.
Deep Breath. Confidence.
Yes, There is a master plan.
A war, a battle, A fight, a future, a hope, a life.
A Dream.
Wings, Wind, Sky, Lights on!!!

Overwhelming desire, lust, temptation, domination. Two sides; Two fronts.
Wearing Winter clothes to stand a burning summer sun. Naked to hold a shinning and freezing snowflake.
Open bleeding wounds, a weakness, a regret, a menace.
Hear me, Heal me, Save me.
Blinded eyes, a faith. A pray. From my own yearnings of shelter and mercy I find the way back, the power, the energy. I rise again, greater, stronger, Mighter! Φ 1,618033989 Φ

A Heart biggest than the world.
LIGHTS ON! protection, No chains will Fit! All Chains will Break.
From deep inside grows my faith, my power.

Prevail, I will!
NOW... Listen carrefully...
I´m gonna spread it!
Prepare yourself! ´cos nothing can harm me...
It´s Useless! It´s a fight you can´t win!
You were defeated once and that´s how it´s gonna be for all eternity!
Thousands of years and you still haven´t learned... You are fated to fail! To taste the magnificent power!
Give up! Don´t face me! It´s just a waste of time... Give up! And It´s really dangerous for you... Just a warning! I won´t say it again...! Get away! you can´t stand this fight!!

Soon enough a loud scream will spread the greatness. The light will take it over! It Will shine everywhere. All Shadows will be Destroyed, All chains will be broken and fall! White Wings will domain the skies above.
The Answer lies deep inside. There is a master plan! No fear!
It´s just the Beginning!